Two-way Effects of Organization Citizenship Behaviour in Managing Interpersonal Relationship and Occupational stress Survey of Teachers from Southern Punjab, Pakistan

  • Abid Hussain (PhD) , Prof. Dr. Allah Nawaz


OCB being the abilities of conscientiousness, altruism, civil-virtue, sportsmanship and courtesy, obviously enables an individual like an employee to generate effective IPR as well as fight back the issues of occupational stress in the workplace. How far and effective is the occurrence of these two relationships among the teachers in the schools of South Punjab was explored in this research project. Paper in hand is a strand of research from the same project. Results are encouraging as they verify the existence of OCB’s positive and negative relations with IPR and OS respectively. Following positivist stand for research philosophy, literature and field surveys were used for data collection both for developing a theoretical model as well as verifying this model from the first-hand data from the sample of respondents. For reliability and validity, Cronbach’s Alpha and Factor-analysis were applied with KMO and Bartlett’s tests. Skewness and Kurtosis have been computed to validate normality of data. To confirm absence of autocorrelation or multicollinearity, both Durbin-Watson test was run and VIF values were computed. The results from testing of hypotheses are highly significant in terms of association, regression and group mean differences.