Cloud Computing Environment: Benefits and Challenges

  • Uma Hombal


Cloud computing has emerged as a new paradigm in computation as well as hosting and delivering
services over the internet. During the past few years, cloud computing has become a key IT buzzword. It
is an emerging model of business computing. Cloud computing has transformed the way information
technology (IT) is consumed and managed, promising improved cost efficiencies, accelerated innovation,
faster time-to-market, and the ability to scale applications on demand (Leighton, 2009). It promises
reliability, scalability, and decreased costs, which have attracted businesses, enterprises, and
individuals.Many Companies that are considered to be giants in software industry like Google, Facebook,
Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo and many more are joining to develop Cloud services. Even though there are
numerous advantages of cloud computing, it also introduces a series of security concerns. However we
identified several challenges from the cloud computing adoption perspective. We explore the concept of
cloud architecture and identify and relate vulnerabilities and threats related to cloud computing. This
paper focuses on understanding the different issues and concerns in adopting cloud as it is a fundamental
requirement before enjoying the benefits of cloud.