Multi-tiered Decentralized Logical Network for Secure File Sharing

  • Akashdeep Dhar, Mahij Momin, Ankit Sinha, Mohit Gurav, Sheetal Kumar Jain


The system aims to establish a decentralized network for protected file sharing. The dynamic network arrangement allows the peer with high data availability and raw performance to preside over and sustain all transmissions. This is done by organizing other fellow peers in a simple tree-like logical arrangement across multiple levels keeping stronger performing devices near root to serve data portions better. Reducing the peer dependency on a single server marks a departure from the archaic client-server model.

The parts of the sought data can be acquired from other peers even after disconnection of the actual source. Circulated parts of data are signed specifically so authenticity and integrity are maintained by-design. Instead of encrypting all the portions, the system reduces network traffic and processing load by encrypting only the transfer ledger consisting of encryption keys and portion hashes. This minimizes the chance of eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks by disposing off portions with signature mismatch.