Framework of Digital Marketing on Social Media

  • Niranjan S. Deokule, Abhilasha V. Sathe, Kunjali R. Pawar


Few decades ago, businesses used to do marketing by running advertisements on televisions, banner ads, newspapers, radios and magazines for attracting customers and selling their products. This offline marketing has limitations like higher marketing cost, lesser attraction of customers, limited accessibility and time constraint.  Due to evolution in technology and internet, everyone has access to internet through desktops, mobiles, tablets etc. With this easy internet access, small and medium businesses can reach wide variety of customers by using digital marketing for making aware about their products and services. The digital marketing has many advantages over traditional marketing like low cost, more targeted customers, no time constraint, easy to measure growth of marketing, easy to switch to different platforms, easy to share, and perform data analytics to attract more customers. This paper focuses on a novel approach of digital marketing for small and medium businesses to set up the business objectives on social media platforms, selection of social media platforms, planning marketing calendar, how to reach out to targeted customers by making suitable content on different social media platforms. This digital marketing framework also helps to influence more customers by using Search Engine Optimization and data analytics methods, and to measure the growth of marketing the products and services by using key performance indicators.