Blockchain Technology for Real Estate Documents Protection Using Ethereum

  • Sandesh S. Mahamure , Dr. Sanjeev J. Wagh


The blockchain is becoming the buzzword in the cybersecurity domain which stores the customer's information in its block structure, apply required functions in terms of secure transaction and at the same time, it builds the trust in all participating stakeholders of the transaction. This helps to develop a secure ecosystem in an open environment. The researcher from academic and industry confirms that blockchain will be treated as a milestone in the domain of cybersecurity. The applicability of this is ranging from cryptocurrency like bitcoin, smart contracts, banking, end to end supply chain management and healthcare and so on. Although blockchain is getting huge attention from the large researcher community, privacy and security will always be at the centre of debates while deploying the application. Because of its huge resource requirement and difficulty in moulding it according to the application, it becomes a challenging task to implement blockchain in a real-life scenario. 

           This paper presents a comprehensive literature survey and gap analysis concerning security and privacy preservation of the blockchain. The objective of research work is to provide an additional layer of blockchain security to avoid the frauds and develop quality trust in the participating stakeholders. For that, we have implemented blockchain to provide security to documents and information related to property. This paper also discusses the timing consideration of the transaction. This paper also presents the layered architecture which gives an idea of implementation of blockchain in various applications.  We have used python 3 as a programming language for the client application, solidity for the smart contract, the remix is used to compile and deploy smart contract and Ganache is used to connect smart contract to machine.