Privacy, Confidentiality And Authorization Preserving Rfid System For Toll Application

  • Mininath K. Nighot , Nilesh P. Bhosle, Vikas P. Mapari, Dhanashree S. Kulkarni


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has a huge demand due to its low cost, wireless communication and real time applications in Toll Plaza. Till last decade, RFID systems were used for healthcare, food and agriculture, manufacturing and logistics, retail industry and vehicle management. Now-a-days, they are widely used in applications where personal and confidential data like location, address and bank details need to be shared through the system. While designing RFID systems, privacy and confidentiality of user’s information and user’s authorization is not considered. The proposed system mainly focuses to preserve user’s credentials from the unauthorized users in tolling system. A box is designed to protect the RFID tag where confidential information is stored. The Box has been designed in such a way that radio waves will not pass in the box. Tag need to be kept in the box when not required.  And whenever the user has to give his credentials which are stored on tag, it is required to pull out the tag manually from the box. The rest of the time RFID tag is protected in the box / cover through which any RFID reader will not be able to access it. Hence proposed technique preserves privacy, confidentiality and authorization policies of the user.