Bandwidth Comparison Model for Future Internet Using Machine Learning

  • Swapnil Raghunath Pokharkar , Dr. Sanjeev J. Wagh, Dr. Sachin N. Deshmukh


 Internet bandwidth is an element of communication system. To speed up any wireless communication system internet bandwidth plays a vital role. Internet bandwidth also effect on economy of nation. Various internet bandwidth techniques can be used to improve wireless communication for high data transmission. Bandwidth comparison model provide requirement of bandwidth in rural and urban area. Bandwidth comparison model can be implemented by using different machine learning algorithm. Wireless communication and internet bandwidth internally related to each other. Bandwidth prediction model also specify variation in rural bandwidth requirement and urban bandwidth requirement. The prediction of spectrum utilization has already been studied by some research groups. In this paper, we reviewed the India’s most usable communication network for bandwidth comparison and bandwidth measurement for purpose of bandwidth prediction. In this paper we compared bandwidth requirement in 2018 and 2020.