PLD Based Hardware Realization Of Digital Clock

  • Umashankar More , Biswajeet Sahoo, Sherly Shroff , Vineet Mehta


A Digital Clock is a type of Clock that displays the time digitally, unlike the analog clock, where   the time is indicated by the positions of rotating hands. TIME is a fundamental concept that it is very difficult to             define. To measure time is needed something that will repeat itself at regular intervals. The number of intervals           counted gives a quantitative measure of the duration [1]. The earliest references for the measurement of the time were the moon and sun. When the sun and the moon were not visible, it was impossible to know the exact time.             So, clocks were developed to measure out the hours between checks with the sun and the moon. The process of     measuring time has progressively become more accurate, and the devices more localized ever since. In today’s      modern era, the time is predominately measured by mechanical, and recently by electronic clocks. In this project       the attempt is made to realize digital clock hardware from reference of crystal oscillator clock input using Field             Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based prototyping method [2].