Smart Accident Avoidance and Pollution Control System using Electronic Nose

  • Radhika Mandi, Neha Shahare, Archana Kanwade, T. K. Zombade


The occurrence of diseases due to pollution and alcohol consumption, accidents due to gas leakage at sudden combustion points, inadequate monitoring of the automobile systems leads to need of  Electronic Nose. Automobiles equipped with real-time olfaction monitoring systems, the problems about the odour detection of harmful contents can be reduced efficiently if the advanced algorithms can be implemented in the vehicles.  The significant information that was necessary to monitor the automobile system, the control actions are taken to provide the safety measures dealing with the situation of the system.   This paper is dedicated to the development of smart automobile accident avoidance system which is equipped with low-cost, reliable, compact and portable based on Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (MOS) sensors and processing of signals of sensors. This paper detects the odours of alcohol, carbon dioxide, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or smoke and combustible gases. Electronic nose system was verified and tested in real-time conditions. The specific pattern developed by each sensor in the sensor array, is compared using the look-up table generated and the implications are derived whether which is interfering gas responsible for the resulting situation and further corrective actions are taken to bring the system under control.