Secure Direction-finding Protocols and QoS for WSN for Diverse Applications-A Review

  • P. D. Halle Vel , , Dr.Shiyamala S.Vel , Dr. V.M. Rohokale


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) accomplishes vigorous role in automation using different kinds of sensors.WSN supports many fields similar to medical, home appliances, home automation, and military, industry and navigation’s etc.WSN having main functions to monitor the environment and gather the data for predefined applications. The performance of WSN basically based on routing performance. Quality of Services (QoS) enhances the performance of routing.WSNs degrades the performance due to more energy consumptions of sensor nodes, less network lifetime, message delivery success rate, cost and  network security.Reasearchers  are developing existing routing algorithms and routing protocols still WSN degrades the performance. Researcher’s had provided different solution for security purpose. We enlarged on the same paper, the basic things of WSN which will help to improve the routing performance of WSN.Similarly; we proposed solution for routing security.