A survey of recent trends and challenges in MASSIVE MIMO in terms of channel utilization and Antenna selection

  • Dr.S.Ramesh, S.Ranjith,A.Divya


The Massive Multiple Input multiple Output (MIMO) antenna  is some sort of multiple antennasystems, that is used to massively make better use of spectral efficiency, robustness to interference, increased the bandwidth and reduced latency .and it is used to provide a solution for high demand communication systems like cellular mobile communication that requires high data rate less interference and better Mobile Node coverage and connectivity.The antenna that form the massive antenna system is organized in a somehow that allow a group of antenna to work as a transmitter and other make other jobs may be standby to the transmitter antennas also The channel that connect transmitter and receiver and which estimated with a sequence of signal called pilot signal,  is important to simulate and model. Massive MIMO has some main issues that are related to the technique used in the antenna selection and channel utilization, we provide an overview of recent trends concerning channel utilization and antenna selection, we then compare them and provide some open research area.