Design and implementation of collision avoidance system using IOT

  • Mr. Ilaiyaraja. R, Abinash. D, Kamalnath. R, Ilankathir. P, Arikrishnan. R


Transport is one of the most important criteria in our day-to-day life. Hence it must be safe
and secure. There are many factors that affects transport. The first and foremost cause is accident.
The leading causes for accidents are over speeding and usage of mobile phone while driving. The
objective of this project is to propose a new way to control these types of accidents. The proposed
system consists of transmitter and receiver units. The transmitter will be deployed in the streets and
transmits control data for particular range. If the receiver senses the control data, the speed of the
vehicle is controlled with the help of solenoid valve which will be placed with the petrol tube. Our
project is also incorporated with detecting mobile phone calls by using IOT. An android application
is developed so that it detects the incoming and outgoing calls. The app sends the signal to Node
MCU and the receiver setup which is insisted in vehicles will stop the vehicle. Our project will reduce
the accidents and saves the life of humans.