Farmer Friendly Agri-Bot

  • K.Uthayasuriyan, N.Kusal, G.Arvind, M.Murasoli Raja


This system was mainly devised to overcome the use of weedicides for the removal of weeds in the
agricultural land and as well as measure the requirements of the land. Farmers mainly using weedicides
to kill the weeds. They not only kill the weeds but also affect the native plants. To overcome this robot was
designed and it is controlled using Raspberry-Pi coded in python language. There is a camera called PiCam which is used to check for the weeds using Image processing and it is interfaced to a mobile app via
IoT. Once Pi-Cam identifies weed the cutter activated automatically and cuts the entire plant to prevent
its regrowth. The entire setup is solar powered and there is no need for any fossil fuel for its operation.
This significantly reduces the amount of pollution caused. This bot can be monitored in real-time via a
mobile app and helps the farmer to keep track of the happenings in the agricultural land. The future
advancement of this setup is to grind the removed plants to turn them into manure for the particular land.