Anti- Terrorism Defence Robot



Surveillance robots play an enormous role in many walks of life and are extensively employed within
the areas of defence, industries, medical and house appliances. The term espionage is the act of
spying over a specific area, with the help of spies. These robots are going to undertake to different
risky jobs that cannot be done by humans and are very helpful in warzones. This paper presents antiterrorism robot for defence purpose that as metal coverage to provide shock. The system provides
continuous visual monitoring via the wireless camera attach to the robot and sends continuous data to
the control unit. The robotic vehicle worked as hand-operated vehicle by using internet as wireless
security robot superannuated because of finite frequency range and restricted manual control. They
are existing in war-zone additionally as in our cities, IT then the virtual world, practically
everywhere. They are becoming a really predominant factor of succeeding development in military
and non- military technology additionally because of the society, organizations and governance. This
unit is beneficial and useful for surveillance of a neighbourhood in defence ground for enemy, spying
purpose where the human reach isn't recommended or avoided.