Android Based Robotic Arm

  • P.Arunagiri, Aroop Siddharth A.S, Dhileep Kumar.R, Govindharaj.T


The technology keeps on evolving and the control system of instruments gets evolved and
everything can be controlled under one roof. Nowadays android application is an important tool for
controlling devices and instruments. In our project we choose to automate and ease the control of
robotic arm which plays an important role in various industries. At present, industries use robotic
arms which are controlled by individual control units and each arm needs a I individual to operate.
This requires more manpower even though multiple arms have same functionality.
As a solution to this, we propose a system in which the robotic arm is controlled by using an
android application for multiple operations. The user gives the command from an android
application and the command is decoded with the help of Node MCU. It has an inbuilt wi-fi module
which helps to receives the various commands from the application by the microcontroller. IC L293D
is used to interrupt the command from the microcontroller. The system is designed in a way where
two or more robotic arms performing the same task can be operated simultaneously from an single