Investigation Of Intelligent Pid Controller Intended For Heat Exchanger

  • Shanthi.K, Dr.V.Bhanumathi,Ajith.B.Singh, Dr.P.Manju,Dr.Narendiran.s


This article discusses the implementation of the FLC-PID controller and standard PID controller for the
control of the output temperature of a Heat Exchanger (HE). Mathematical modeling of Heat Exchanger
is designed and the performance system is evaluated using different controller. The utilization of water is
increasing whenever there is an increase in industries and startup companies which leads to scarcity of
water worldwide. Indirectly there is a high rate of industrial effluents are rejected out and it pollutes the
environment. To keep balance between the industrial growth, water scarcity and industrial effluents,
proper treatment technologies for industrial effluents should be made. In this separation process, involves
various stages of processing such as chemical and biological processes. In that heat exchanger is also
playing a major role as a secondary treatment process. Maintaining the optimal output temperature in a
HE is very important to obtain the absolute total dissolved solids (TDS). Based on TDS the wastewater
treated and recycled. The simulation results obtained are compared and the performance comparisons
like setting time and peak overshoot are outlined in this paper. The FLC-PID shows less setting time and