A Comprehensive Study on Different Methodologies and Features in Synonym Identification for Language Processing

  • Vinutha C K , Jagadish S Kallimani


Choosing the wrong word may convey unintended connotations, meanings or attitudes in a mach-ine translation or natural language generation system. Identifying near synonyms like near, closer, almost and close by -- words that share the same core meaning but differ in their nuances— can be made only if knowledge about their differences is available. Identifying such  synonym of a word/entity in the given context is a critical and trending concept in Natural Language Processing (NLP) which has immense application in various fields like word sense disambiguation, text summarization, document retrieval etc. There are wide variety of technique and methodologies have been proposed for identification of synonyms in a given context by utilizing various dataset or corpus. Identifying synonym in a given context has become more trending topic in a research field of NLP. In this paper we try to discuss various technique and works that has been used to solve automatic synonyms retrieval problem.