Door Camera Facial Recognition with Raspberry PI

  • Mohit Tiwari, Tripti Tiwari, Anuj S, Amal V


The most significant of highlight of any home security framework is to identify the individuals who go into or go out. Rather than checking that through passwords or pins remarkable appearances can be utilized as they are one's biometric characteristic. These are intrinsic and can't be adjusted or taken without any problem. The degree of security can be raised by utilizing face location. The proposed face acknowledgment entryway lock security framework has been created to forestall theft in exceptionally secure territories like home condition with lesser force utilization and increasingly solid independent security gadget for both Intruder identification and for entryway security. This framework is controlled by raspberry pi circuit. Raspberry Pi electronic board is worked on Battery power gracefully, remote web availability by utilizing USB modem, it incorporates camera, PIR motion sensor and a door. At whatever point the individual comes before the entryway, it perceives the face and in the event that it is enlisted, at that point it opens the entryway, if the face isn't enrolled it will raise a caution and snaps an image and send it on the enlisted number.