Smart Water Management System

  • Mrs.S.Jayanthi, Ms.C.Janani, T. Kannan, S. Aakash, R.M. Aravindhan , R. Venkataramanan


The main concept of the project is to save water, and to provide the good quality of water to the consumers, that are being provided by the government in their locality. Arduino (ATmega 328) microcontroller is used to control all the other sensors that are being included in the project. Microcontroller gets the power using external power supply. Infrared sensor is used to find the presence of vessel and Ultrasonic sensor is used to find height of the vessel. The quality of the water is checked using pH sensor. The flow of water is controlled by an AC Motor. Once the water is filled in the respective container, AC Motor stops the water flow and the respective message will be displayed. The LCD display is used to show the pH values and display whether it is safe for drinking or not. LED variant is connected to show the required output.