“Internet of Thing Approach towards the Line Follower Robot”

  • Ansh Jain, Manan Shastri, Krish Vora, Saad Khan


One of the major key aspects in domain of robotics is the line following robot. These robots work of the principle of contrasting color which either follow a black or a white line. Following the plot line is a feature which is taken up by the robot. The path which is followed by the robot can generally be of dark band on light area or can be a undetected magnetic sphere or it can be invisible magnetic field. The users provided path will be the one which will be followed by the robot and it has been formed to avoid obstacles. No human directions are needed by the autonomous intelligent robots to follow the duty in any sort of conditions. It needs to have combined knowledge from different departments of engineering such as mechanical, electrical and computer engineering. Line follower robots are based on LDR sensors and fabrication which are engineered to follow up the black mark on any white surface. To follow up the track many type of sensors are being used by AI robots. These sensors abet the robot to follow the lines. We are using DC motors to direct the movement of AI robots.