Followers’ Faith Enhances Job Satisfaction that is induced by Trust Worthy Leaders: A Moderated Mediation Model of Communication Satisfaction

  • Aamir Bashir et. al.


The paper examines the relationship between leaders’ trustworthiness and followers’ job satisfaction mediated by the level of communication satisfaction and moderation by the strength of faith of followers. Humans tend to pursue similarity, alignment, and lucidity both in their organizational life and their relationship with God. As with faith, the choice of trusting a leader involves a decision to take the risk in the surrendering of one’s control. Trustworthiness in the eyes of followers comes through the display of fairness and transparency by the leaders in meeting their practical demands in an environment of open communication and willingness to share information. The leader-follower relationship is further augmented by the underlying culture. The study was conducted among organizational Management cadre (General Managers, Deputy General Managers, Sr. Managers, and Managers) and employees of few factories and the executive students of some of the Universities of Islamabad/Rawalpindi offering evening programs. The study found that an enhanced level of job satisfaction is achieved when leaders are trustworthy in an environment of open communication and followers have strong faith.