Scientometric Analysis Of Coral Reef Research Publications

  • Dr.L.N.Umadevi, K.Sivasami


The present study aims to analysis, Scientometric analysis of coral reef research publications. The data were collected from web of science database, the study period during from 2004 to 2018. The data have been collected from web of science database the number of retrieved   records were 5306. The study reveals that during the study period in the year 2016 has occupies first place with 481 records, overall year wise growth has rising two times from starting year. Thirteen document types were contributed in this research, article document type were first place, totally 112 countries were contributed in this research, USA has topper amongst with 2137 publications and its share 40.27 percent of total Publications, Totally 9927 authors were contributed, amongst Bellwood, D R has contributed first position with 116 publications. Totally 725 sources were contributed in coral reef research amongst “Coral Reefs” has contributed highest contributions with 523 records. Multiple authored papers are highest contributions compare with single author contributions.