Enhanced Multi Radio Protocol (EMRP) for efficient routing in MANETs

  • Janhavi V, Rajendra A B


 Mobile Adhoc Networks commonly called as MANETs is a dynamic network of wirelessly connected mobile devices. Each devices in a MANET moves freely in any direction, and thus changing its links frequently to other devices. Each act as a router, as they forward the traffic unrelated to its use. Primary challenges faced in building a MANET is to properly route traffic, providing each device to repeatedly maintain the information required. Such networks do gets connected to larger internet or may operate by themselves. They may contain multiple transceivers between nodes resulting in highly dynamic, autonomous topology. MANETs in order to extend the network lifetime require an efficient dynamic routing protocol with respect to energy. In this paper we propose enhanced multi-radio protocol an improvised version of multi-radio protocol to obtain better results compared to the existing system. Result analysis is done using OMNET++. Simulation results indicate that our developed protocol is better than the existing multi-radio protocol.