A Valid and Reliable HR Audit Research Scale Development

  • Ghulam Muhammad et al.


This study aims to develop valid and reliable scale of HR audit to conduct research related to HR audit. Four steps were taken to develop the questionnaire. First step involved item development and content validity measurement. Step two starts with exploratory factor analysis to establish the initial structure of the factors. Steps three involved confirmatory factor analysis using Smart PLS to confirm the structure of factors, reliability, convergent validity and discriminant validity. Steps four involved the correlation between the variables. Results revealed that most of the requirements of scale development used by Bolino & Turnley (1999) have met in this research. Finally 19 items were retained with four HR Audit dimensions. HR audit dimensions such as HR Functional Audit retained 5 items, HR Professional Audit retained 5, HR Compliance Audit retained 5 and Work Culture Audit retained 4 items.  This scale can be used for future research in the area of HR audit. This research is made a contribution in the domain of HR audit by giving valid and reliable research scale. Future directions are also discussed in this research.