The Implementation of Contract Law in Supply Chain Management to Determine the Competitive Performance among Iraqi manufacturing firms

  • 1- Dr.Halmat Mohammed Asaad et al.


The prime concern of the present study entails the investigating the role of contract law with supply chain integration to determine the competitive performance among Iraqi manufacturing firms. The supply chain considered as an essential and crucial for success of firms and to gain long term benefits by establishing relationship with participants. The study addressed the need and role of contract law in supply chain management as it is required to be integrated with supply chain management of firms in order to improve and enhance the performance. The study explained the role of supply chain cost and supply chain practices for determining the competitive performance. The results of the study demonstrated that supply chain cost positively influence the competitive performance and supply chain practices also influence positively and significantly. However, the study is pioneer in determining the influence and moderating role of contract law adoption and implementation in supply chain setup. The study found that contract law negatively influences the relationship between supply chain costs but didn’t moderate the relationship between supply chain practices and competitive performance.