A Secured End to End E-Voting Using Ethereum Blockchain

  • N.Prasath


The new approach for e-polling includes a centralized structure that regulates the whole voting
process, to deliver returns and electoral supervision. In the meantime, the technology blockchain provides
a decentralized system, opening the entire network of non-confident parties. Blockchain Technology can
instill protections such as data secrecy, data honesty and data validity in the e-voting framework. The
introduction of intelligent agreements, as in the Ethereum network, is a important method for
decentralization. Intelligent contracts are significant codes which can be inserted into the blockchain and
applied as expected in each blockchain upgrade stage. A program for e-voting should be safe, as duplicated
votes are not enabled and entirely open while maintaining users' privacy. As a smart contract for an
Ethereum network, we have deployed the e-voting program utilizing the Ethereum wallets and the language
of solidity. Finally, after a poll, the blockchain in Ethereum can hold the polling and polling history. Users
may send their votes from their Ethereum wallets directly and the consent of the Ethereum node is answered
in these transaction requests. This agreement creates a transparent e-voting environment.