Exhaustive Comparative Study of NoSQL Database and Query Execution under Cloud Computing Environment

  • Dr. Mohd Ashraf
  • Dr. Dinesh Kumar Singh
  • Gaurav Goel
Keywords: NoSQL databases, Big Data, DHT (Distributed Hash Table), Hadoop, Relational Databases


Due to enhancement of theInternetandcloudcomputing technology, there is a need of databases to enable processing and storing the big data adequately with high performance during reading and writing the data. So the traditional relational databases are paving different challenges. Using the relational database to store data query and dynamic user applications has proven to be irrelevant, especially in massiveĀ and highly concurrent, such as search engines and SNS.In the environment of cloud, the huge data are used, the data are non-organized, the query of the data is dynamic, and these attributes raise new difficulties for the data storing and administration. Subsequently, in this situation, NoSQL database comes into the picture. Ultimately, the standard NoSQL databases have independently described and separated somebehavior to benefittrades to adoptNoSQL. It has been widely used by the big data enterprises and web companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google. This paper addresses the inspirations, necessities,movement, and ideas behind of NoSQL databases, and also analyzes the categories of NoSQL databases with related problems of databases importantly thefield of security and application comparing with classical relational databases.