Smart Healthcare System using Low Cost IoT Module

  • Yogesh S. Kale, Dr. Shubhangi V. Rathkanthiwar


The use of internet of things (IoT) in a smart healthcare service is very useful due to the increase in accessibility throughout the globe of systems involved in the service. In this paper, we start with review of undeviating relationship between Vital Signs Early Detection (VSED)  and Physical Signs Early Detection (PSED), Relationship between (VSED) and (PSED); and ended with a multiple chronic disease parameters measuring system using two prominent technologies namely, Internet of Things (IoT) and ThingSpeak. Outcomes of chronic patients can be improved by identifying the physiological deterioration as early as possible. The multiple chronic parameters measuring systems are like blood pressure (BP) in which one we measure pressure in the arteries when the heart rests between beats called diastolic and second we measure pressure in the patient arteries during the tightening of patient heart muscle called systolic, body temperature and  pulse rate. In the proposed system, basic parameters like systolic and diastolic, body temperature and pulse rate of the user are measured, send it to a cloud using ThingSpeak, and then analyzed by medical authority. Medical authorized personnel will take decision on really there is a need of patient visit the hospital or not. In this proposed paper provides a way to observe patients and their need within the comfort of their own homes. Predicting the chronic diseases features on the basis of Early warning score (EWS) from these systolic, diastolic, body temperature and  pulse rate measure readings by the proposed system get extracted from the ThingSpeak. These features are extracted and compared with the previous data based and calculate the EWS. It is shown that the proposed system achieves to reduce the unnecessary hospitalized patients.

Keywords: Smart healthcare, Internet of things (IoT), ThingSpeak, Early warning score (EWS).