The Design of Ultra Wide Band Circular Monopole Antenna with Triple Band Notch Characteristics

  • G. Kalyani, K. Harshitha, B. Jahnavi, K. Roshnitha Ria, K. Anjali Priya, B.SriLakshmi


Ultra Wide Band is the explication for the short-range wireless communication system. Electromagnetic interference with the co-existing narrow bands was the major problem in the UWB and to achieve better over, Ultra Wide Band antennas with Band Notch characteristics are designed. The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) has recommended the use of unlicensed Ultra Wide Band spectrum frequency ranging from (3.1-10.6) GHz. This paper presents a Triple Band stop Printed circular Monopole Antenna with reduced ground structure. In this paper, the co-existing wireless communication bands like Worldwide Interoperability Microwave Access band (WIMAX); INST band and X-band will be notched by using notching techniques. The proposed antenna occupies a volume of 26 X 31 X 1.6 mm3 is falsified with FR4-epoxy substrate. Based on methodologies, various shapes are etched on the radiator to reject WIMAX (3.3-3.7) GHz; INST (4.5-4.8) GHz; X-band satellite downlink frequency (7.25-7.85) GHz. A rectangular slot is etched on the patch to create a notch at WIMAX band, a couple of inverted L shaped slots are incorporated on either side of the patch to create notch at INST band and RSRR (Rectangular split ring resonator) is placed on the feed to create notch at X-band satellite services. The results show that the antenna operates from 2.8-10.8 GHz, the RE (Radiation Efficiency) is more than 90%, the peak gain is above 2.2-5.6 dBi, and considerably good radiation properties except at the notched bands. All the simulations are performed by using Ansoft HFSS software. The results depicts that the designed proposed antenna is well fit for UWB devices and reaches the fulfillments of UWB systems applications.

Keywords: Band-notch, interference reduction, Circular monopole antenna, UWB, Ansoft HFSS.