Smart Health & Fitness Monitoring System

  • Vishaldeep Sharma, Divyansh Jindal, YashGupta, Tushar Dalel, Mr. Vishal Jayaswal


Internet of things (IoT) is a 4th industrial revolutionary technology that is constantly growing and is making objects connected together. In the field of medical and health care, IoT is playing a significant role in making the medical equipment more efficient by allowing live monitoring of the patient’s condition who is admitted to the hospital. This equipment takes inputs of patient’s data precisely and accurately and also reduces human errors. The monitoring of patients from numerous places poses a significant challenge in the implementation of this technology for medical applications. Thus, the application of the Internet of Things in the medical field shows us the solutions for effective patient monitoring at reduced cost and it also helps in reducing the risk of spreading disease in the patient’s body timely through continuous monitoring. In this research paper, we will talk about monitoring a patient’s heartbeat and body temperature using IoT tools and also about the body’s fitness level.

Keywords:IoT, Android, Health, Fitness