New Analysis of all Seas Water Parameters for all March Months from 2005 to 2017 Using Real Time Data

  • Muhammad Abbas Khan, Piao Yan, Muhammad Tahir, Dr. Muhammad Zubair Khan


In this manuscript we used real time data of temperatures and salinity, for all March months vary from 2005 to 2017, this data are taken from National centers for environmental information also called National oceanic and atmospheric administration, in long-ago decades scientists used data as a hypothesis, to find marine water parameters, which is not promising in real life, because the marine water parameters, altered with each depth, latitudes and longitudes. At this catalog, the data are accessible at each depth, latitudes and longitudes of ocean, in analyzed and in statistical data form. In this paper we identified mean conductivity, mean permittivity, mean salinity and mean temperatures for all March months from 2005 to 2017, from exterior of ocean to depth of 5500 m via this real time data from National centers for environmental information. We use Mat lab as a simulation tool to come across, these ocean water parameters from this real time data. We use 2 to 40 GHz frequency of electromagnetic waves to discover these sea water parameters, we also used Ellison et al. Model 1998 and Debye interpolation function formula, as a reference formula to get these ocean water parameters, by using concrete time data from National centers for environmental information.

Keywords: mean permittivity, mean salinity, mean temperature, mean conductivity, ppt. s/m, F/m.