Pilot Decontamination Approach in Massive MIMO Systems

  • Muhammad Irshad Zahoor, Dou Zheng, Muhammad Waqas, Muhammad Hamza Zahoor


We considered the massive MIMO-OFDM system to minimize the impact that can be reduced on pilot pollution in the uplink channel estimation. A proposal of a pilot scheme for three interfering cells by injecting zero pilot symbols in the training sequences is presented. In that proposal, the ML channel estimation is executed merging with Cramer Rao Bound with the OFDM sub-carriers. The simulations demonstrate the methodology, which can help to decrease the influence of pilot pollution and also it is easier to implement the pilot multiplexing.

Keywords: Massive MIMO, SU-MIMO, MU-MIMO, OFDM, Pilot Contamination, Cramer Rao Bound