Framework for Workflow scenarios in case of Federated ERP Mall as business model for Exchanging Federated ERP web services

  • Evan Asfoura, Mohammed Samir Abdel-Hq, Gamal Kassem, Houcine Chatti


A Federated ERP (FERP) system is an ERP system which its functions are provided as web services (WS) by various and independent providers. The need for these FERP systems has arisen to reduce the costs related to the installation and customization of conventional ERP systems and to increase system efficiency by continuous improvement of provided system functions. Because of the high cost of ERP systems, only the big companies can afford such systems, while some of the SMEs use more than one isolated information system to cover the required functionalities.  A business model for intermediaries as a Federated ERP (FERP) mall to cover the lack of pre-defined communication channels and trust areas between the FERP WS providers and the user enterprises (SMEs) is the most appropriate business model type. One of the main products are provided by this FERP Mall is ERP workflow which combines WSs from different vendors to provide all the software functionality needed by every user enterprise (SME) as a complete process. This Workflow could be also generated by SME itself, therefore, this paper will present framework with analytical and exploratory methods that will leadasresults to two different workflow scenarios provided from FERP Mall (mediator)to benefit the SME and thatexpend  the role ofmediatorbetween the FERP WS provider and SME. The validation of these result has been evaluated qualitatively through the added values for the business model actors  and quantitatively through a questionnaire which has been distributed  among sample of SME in Germany.

Keywords: Federated ERP system, Framework, workflow, federated ERP web services