Drug Content Extractor(An Application For Reselling Unused Medicine And Extracting Salt Content From Medicine Wrapper)

  • Mohd Wael, Pooja Goel, Nakul Tyagi, Mariya Khurshid


Considering the different phases of the of the patients in medical field, we come across the people having plenty of pharmaceutical pills that remain with the consumer even after the patient got treated or due to change in prescription. Resulting in wastage of money and a large number of resources. On the other hand there are a large number of people that are left uncured due to lack of money. Paper puts forward the right utilization of these unused medicines that remain unconsumed out of the prescribed medication available with the patients. Collecting those medicines such as tablets, capsules, sealed syrups and providing them to the needy people (on prescription) via an android platform, making it easy to use and firebase as a real time database.

 KeywordsWorld Health Organization, Android application, electronic health service, ICT, medicine distribution.