Advance Street Light System using IoT

  • Lalit Makar, Vrushali Patil, Khusboo Patel, Priti Rumao


The main objective of the system is to reduce energy consumption. This is achieved by minimizing the
unwanted use of energy consumed by street lights. This project incorporates LED lights, ultrasonic
sensors and Wi-Fi based microcontroller NodeMCU. It is an automated system which detects the
presence of sunlight and acts accordingly. When the ultrasonic sensor detects movement on the road
during the night, the lights glow up to their maximum intensity. Moreover as the object moves forward
the trailing lights will reduce to 25-30% of their intensity i.e they go in the power saving mode. Unlike
the traditional system which turns OFF the lights completely. Also, this system uses a built-in Wi-Fi
module which notifies the authorities about faulty lights.