Shielding Source Location Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks

  • T Sunitha, Syed Sana Sulthana


With the ongoing improvements of WSNs, computing and communication have encountered colossal headway. In the interim, security has not gotten a similar thoughtfulness regarding oblige such turns of events. In this paper, we center around the source location privacy issue in WSNs, a hot research theme in security, and propose probabilistic source location privacy (PSLP) insurance conspire for WSNs. An all the more impressive enemy, which can utilize hidden Markov model to assess the condition of the source, is considered in this investigation. To adapt to this sort of foe, apparition nodes and fake sources, which are mindful to mirror the conduct of the source, are used to expand the directing way. At that point, the heaviness of every hub is determined as a measure to choose the next-hop candidate. What's more, two transmission modes are intended to transmit genuine bundles. The reenactment results show that the proposed PSLP plot improves the wellbeing time without bargaining the vitality utilization.