Perspectives for Dyslexia and the existing Learning Technologies: Review

  • Ms. Nisha Vanjari et al.


Dyslexia is a child's inability to read, spell, write and memorize. Dyslexia is not a disease;
Dyslexia challenges the child to understand and cope up with his grade level. The child is not
able to decode the words to read and nor encode the words for spelling easily, reads slowly with
many mistakes. Hence for kids dealing with Dyslexia faces a lot of challenges in their daily life
and it is even more difficult to cope up without having any kind of assistance or technological
help. The perspective of Dyslexia is different for everyone, as we have mentioned the mindset of
teacher and parents differ too. Just like the perspective Dyslexia is also different for everyone.
Some children are not able to cope up at all while some overcome it. A child while suffering from
Dyslexia will be able to overcome it and lead a successful life with proper efforts and people
supporting him. In this paper we review the daily problems faced by the children suffering from
dyslexia, and also we try to understand the perspective of the people close to them like their
Parents, Teachers and Doctors and try to understand their daily life struggle the children face
and what actions are taken by the people close to them and how technologies were working hard
and playing important role to provide assistance to them.