Securing Pharmaceutical Data Using Homomorphic Encryption

  • Dhruv Bhagadia et al.


In an age where efficient storage and access of data is pivotal for the functioning of any
application whatsoever, cloud computing becomes an important field of study in providing unlimited
storage and efficient access of data. But along with its benefits, cloud storage invites various kinds of
problems mostly pertaining to the security of user data on the cloud. In the current scenario the user
is at the mercy of the third party (the one responsible for providing cloud storage) to take the
necessary measures to protect its client’s data from unauthorized access and also uphold the trust
between the client and itself that no kind of mishandling or misuse of data would be done. Recent
research pertaining to cloud computing is majorly focused on designing and implementing
cryptographic techniques that enables user to be responsible for the privacy of his/her data that is
being stored on the cloud server. Homomorphic Encryption is one of those cryptographic techniques
that allows manipulation of data in its encrypted form without having to decrypt it. Pharmaceutical
industries is a domain where there are high chances of security breaches and applying Homomorphic
Encryption can help minimize them.