Resource Optimization and Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing

  • Naresh T et al.


Cloud computing has captured all the related scenarios of technology and changed the conventional
methods and bottlenecks of computing. Cloud computing is a necessary for today’s technology. One cannot
ignore task scheduling and resource optimization while working on cloud environment.. Asset planning for
cloud is an extreme errand and the arranging of right assets to cloud remaining burdens counts on the QoS
needs of cloud works, while in parallel with this task, gain is one of the crucial feature for cloud
service vendors. It is primarily depend on the cloud service platform’s structure and requirement of market.
Customers get very perplexed about whose service is best suitable for them, as there is large number of
CSPs dwelling in the market with the different pricing strategies and hosting services , which claims to
cheaper than another. Several recent studies, claiming on bridging the gap between server program data
and operations designed for reduced resource consumption. As with all the benefits of a professional
program on a distributed computer is divided into two categories, namely cost and revenue. Like all
businesses, the benefit of a specialist system in distributed computing is identified with two sections, which
are the cost and the income. The resource optimization and scheduling consist of allocating a single type
of resource among the waiting jobs.