Nidāna - A System For Detection Of Genetic Disorders With Prominent Facial Features Using AI

  • Akshay Navani


Artificial Intelligence along with facial analysis techniques have lately been at par with the capabilities of
medical experts in the identification of various genetic syndromes. So far, these techniques could identify
some of the diseases by extracting the facial features of an individual, restricting their role in the medical
field where a lot of diagnoses should be considered. We've developed a portal that would help in early
detection of genetic disorders or at least reach a strong hypothesis if not an exact diagnosis using AI,
computer vision and CNN, that gauges similarities of genetic syndromes on the basis of unconstrained 2D
facial images. The results predicted by the portal can be used in cohesion with other medical diagnoses,
behavioural and growth analysis for precision in the diagnosis of genetic syndromes.