Leveraging Augmented Reality in E-Commerce

  • Premkumar Raval et al.


The effect of leveraging AR & VR in the retail and advertising sector can be transformative. Retailers and
businesses can utilize AR as an expansion of the brand experience to engage clients using immersive tech
and drive profits. By 2020, 100 Million clients will shop using AR, VR & MR. Our AR web based business
framework is created as an Internet module, which can be broadcasted to people via various means.
Study results show that the AR internet business framework can give more data and more straightforward
encounters to online clientele, by joining physical condition data with virtual item models. Online
customers can "test use" items while shopping online and gain more information about the items. In this
way, clients can settle on better obtaining choices and have a superior opportunity to buy the "right"
items at the right price.