WYCH Debater: A Modular System For Argument Mining, Speech Formation And Debate Rebuttals Based On Artificial Neural Networks

  • Rishabh Yadav et al.


AI Debating system the first perceptive system which is able to debate humans on complex topics.
It depends on three pioneering capabilities. The primary one is speech writing based on provided
information and delivery of the speech, or the ability to automatically synthesize an entire speech,
an article that is reminiscent of an opinion, and its ability to deliver it persuasively. The second
is comprehension of what it listens, which is the ability to understand a long spontaneous speech
made by the opponent human in order to generate a meaningful rebuttal. The third is the
system’s ability to represent and circumvent human dilemmas and form principled arguments
made by humans in various debates to determine what constitutes an effective negation, and then
follow a statistical approach to determine when an automatically generated negation can
plausibly be used on a unique knowledge graph. By effectively integrating these core capabilities,
it can conduct an articulate debate with human debaters.