Fractal Image Compression: A Review

  • Ranjita Asati, et al.


Image compression is one of the steps of image processing. It deals with the transmission and
storage of images which are digital in nature. Fractal images are self similar images where each
individual part is same as that of the whole. The major objective of fractal image compression is
to lessen the size of image by retaining the quality of image. It is categorized under block base
image compression techniques which looks for similar parts in the image and encode these parts
before sending to the receiver. At the receiver side these encoded parts are used to reconstruct
the image. The major drawback of fractal image compression is that it requires abundant
amount of time for this encoding. In this paper we comprehensively reviewed various available
fractal image compression techniques and approaches to decrease the encoding time of FIC and
to get improved quality of reconstructed image.