Analysis of Flexible Robotic Manipulator using Fuzzy and SNC Controller

  • Namrata Lade et al.


This work presents a study of two different control strategies for a flexible single-link manipulator.
We are going to present two type of controller: 1) Sliding Mode Controller and 2) Neuro Fuzzy
Controller. The trajectory tracking control using Sliding Mode Control (SMC) strategies for a
flexible link robot manipulator have been presented SMC controller mostly used for flexible-link
manipulator control. Tackling uncertain nonlinear systems is powerful method. Also, another
strategy used to eliminate connection vibrations and get good trajectory tracking output is the Neuro
Fuzzy logic control system. In this system we are going to implement a Hybrid Neural Network
(HNN) based optimization to optimize the controllers. Here we will optimize two controllers first,
Sliding Mode Controller (SMC) and Fuzzy logic Controller by which problem of energy
consumption, error, vibration suppression and trajectory tracking will be eliminated. The
contribution of our proposed system is to improving the performance of SMC by implementing the
Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Controller. This simulation can be done by using Matlab Simulink.

Author Biography

Namrata Lade et al.