Advance Online Payment Security Using Qubits Integrated Blockchain

  • Bhavin Gajjar , et al.


Current era of technology works with cutting-edge computing power, which is evolving
incessant. With this, data storage and distribution be imminent. When data distribution we talk
about, automatically security comes into the view. Data can be of any type. But the main concern
for data transaction is related to the confidential data like business transactions, policies and
finance related documents as well as all financial transactions. In those cases, security of all these
transactions has utmost importance which can’t be oblivious to. Hence, it is important to think
whether the existing security methods are enough to actually protect us against the threat lying
ahead of us? Now-a-days when we talk about finance and related transactions, avoiding
mentioning Blockchains is simply absurd. Blockchain technology invented to tend age-old human
trust problem. It emerged in the market by letting digital information distributed in the market but
not copied the same transaction by any chance. So, by using the leading and most secured online
transaction platform: blockchain and furthermore enhancing it by integrating it with the most
promising future technology Qubits, we may can actually overcome the existing security threats.
While talking in terms of computer nothing is actually random, everything is algorithm based and
predictable, by introducing Qubits we can overcome this loophole.