Conceptualizing Determinants Of Apparel E-Commerce Purchase Through Technology Acceptance Model

  • sharon Sophia. J et al.


The Evolution Of Technology, The Internet, And Mobile Devices Has Led The World To Shift Their
Offline Perspective To An Online Perspective In Many Multidisciplinary Contexts. The Use Of Online
Shopping Got Increased In This Decade And There Are A Lot Of Opportunities For Online Channels
Post Current Pandemic Situation Covid â 19 In The World. This Study Reviews The Apparel ECommerce Sector And Its Determinants Linking With The Technology Acceptance Model (Tam) Which
Have Proposed Perceived Usefulness And Perceived Ease Of Use In Influencing Consumer Attitude
For Purchase Decision Making. The Study Has Come Up With Factors Such As Convenience, Product
Quality, Website Quality, And Technological Services That Attract The Consumers' Cognitive State And
Make Them Accept The Service.