Parametric Analysis and Optimization on Modified Hexagon Shaped Antenna Amalgamated with Staircase to Accomplish Wide Impedance Bandwidth suitable for Wireless Portable Applications

  • Ria Kalra, Dr.Manoj Kumar


The highlights of this paper are a detailed parametric analysis and optimization on a modified hexagon shaped antenna. Staircase is amalgamated in the designed antenna after carefully observed parametric variations in the geometry. The modified shape of the proposed antenna contributed in enhancement of Bandwidth as observed in the simulation results. The proposed modified hexagon shaped antenna amalgamated with staircase is found suitable for wireless portable applications. HFSS (Version 15.0) is used for designing and analyzing the proposed antenna and provides wide impedance bandwidth between 3 GHz to 30 GHz for VSWR < 2. Parametric analysis and optimization is done on significant design parameters to attain minimal return loss characteristic of -15.30 db obtained at 19.1 GHz and exhibiting good radiation performance over the entire frequency range. The prototype antenna is fabricated and tested to measure the experimental results. A reasonably fine agreement is observed in the simulated & measured results. The proposed antenna exhibits advantages of compact geometry and simultaneously shows minimal return loss characteristics and wide impedance bandwidth. Thus, it is considered appropriate for wireless portable applications such as GPS (1.57 GHz), GSM (1.8 GHz), Wi-Max (2.3 GHz) and WLAN (2.45 GHz).