Phylogeny of Feminism

  • Tania Sabu et al.


Feminism is a concept that has been present in the world since time immemorial. It has been present in
all generations and in all walks of life. Feminism has prevailed in almost every nation, irrespective of
class, colour or creed. Women, through the years, have fought against male dominance, with little
progress. However the fight against a male dominated society has been continuing for over hundreds of
years and is sure to continue until men and women are treated as equals. It is the duty of every woman to
continue the fight so that they would be treated equally, without any prejudice. There is no doubt that
women will become victorious, come what may. It goes without saying that humans cannot be
differentiated according to gender, caste or colour. The aim of this article is to specify the progress of
women over the years in their justice for equality.