Stream Of Consciousness Technique: An Inquest On Michael Ondaatje’s The English Patient

  • Evangelin. A et al.


In Michael Ondaatje’s (1992) The English Patient, the idea of ancient history and that of the
contemporary history has been carefully knitted and woven within the personal memories of the
characters. This article explores how Ondaatje (1992) has implemented ‘stream of consciousness’
technique in reading fragmented minds and memories of the characters. It also provides a thorough
knowledge about how symbolic representations of these characters and their traumatic experiences
constantly compel them to remember and re-live in their pasts. The characters that are portrayed are
caught between the real and imaginary self due to the impact of World-War II. The research also traces
the invisible interlinks that exist between the past and the present and how the post-world war’s traumatic
experiences play a predominant role in the transformation of the characters in the novel. The article
unfolds the intersection between the Western and the Eastern civilization by challenging, attacking and
dismantling the colonial map-making and colonization through the streams of thoughts as exhibited by
several characters.