Embedded Systems Based Automated Vehicle System for paralyzed person

  • Ms. A. Gayathri, Ms. S. Ashadevi, Ms. V. Manimegalai, Ms. A.Little Judy


The proposed system is a user-friendly computerized vehicle which has distinctive traits of reminiscence mapping with dynamic character which aid patients to carry on their locomotion in order that those types of people lead their life with hope. This Vehicle is characterized in such a way that it can examine the continuous status of the patient and transfers the data continuously during the critical circumstances.  The proposed system is equipped with the motor driving circuit for movement of the vehicle, Ultrasonic sensor for the purpose of barrier detection and RF module which acts as interface device between user and the vehicle.  These components were interfaced with the PIC microcontroller for performing their respective tasks.  The Main theme of the system is embedding the web server with the vehicle to update the continuous health information of the patient at the web server which alerts the doctor.  Thus, the proposed system emerges with various aspects that provide powerful mobility to the crippled person and acts as an effective tracking system.